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    »What Paintball Can Do for one Health«

  • TorontoSEO 8:59 AM on March 28, 2011 Permalink |
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    What Paintball Can Do for one Health

    Participating in sports can really be good for a person. For those who are too lazy to go to the gym, there is something worth trying and that is the game of paintball. This extreme sport has been around for some time and almost anyone can play it. All it takes is some protective gear and a gun for the person to go out into the field.

    Some people think that engaging in this type of sport is unsafe since the bullets travel at fast speeds, and a person could get injured. Contrary to that belief, statistics show that this is safer than other contact sports such as basketball and football.

    This physical activity burns calories as the player has to walk up on the enemy without being detected then has to run when retreating or charging. It is better than running on a treadmill that many find boring since the scenery does not change.

    Paintball can be played in a small area or in a large area. With all the running, sweating will occur which can help with weight loss. Studies have shown that some exercise programs are not effective after a period of time. By adding this extreme sport to the exercise regimen, some pounds could be lost again.

    Running burns more calories per minute than any other type of cardiovascular exercise and keeping the body active increases the metabolic rate. Playing paintball on weekends – such as twice a month -, can help a person burn calories faster and that way, one will be able to eat most anything without gaining weight.

    Paintball is a team sport and nothing is better than winning a game against an opponent. Exercise improves the mood since it releases chemicals in the brain called endorphin: eating chocolate has a similar effect. This game helps you sleep better since it releases energy which takes time to recuperate.

    Engaging in any form of exercise can be beneficial. It is known to prevent several diseases such as high blood pressure, depression, heart disease and various types of cancer.

    Paintball is one form of exercise that can help prevent some of these high risk diseases as well as being an enjoyable game.


  • »All about Paintball«

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    All about Paintball

    War games have been around for a long time. These are used to prepare an army for battle or the beginning of a surprise attack. Since people are not able to use real guns in this game, Bob Gurnsey, Hayes Noel, Charles Gaines and nine others decided to play this game by using markers that were originally used to tag cattle and trees. This game originated in 1981.

    Later on, markers were used to shoot paintballs at other players. The bullets used for each shot is a .68 caliber gelatin capsule which comes in various colors so that one team can distinguish the shots they fire from those of the opposition. Anyone that gets hit is out of the game.

    Paintball has evolved and through the years and can be played in different ways. In one version of the game teams can one flag each and the other team must capture that flag in order to win. Another game has the same objective as the first will except there is only one flag that is situated in the center of the field and each team tries to be the first to capture the flag. The other way of winning (other than capturing the flag) would be to eliminate all of the players of the opposing team with paintball hits.

    The game can be played on a small scale which is called recreational paintball. This is the original way it was played in a wooded area and can be played in an area the size of a basketball court.

    If there are many people who want to play and the field is a large area the game is called a scenario. The largest scenario ever was in 2005 on a 700 acre parcel of land and with 3,000 participants.

    When a player who participates in a competition sanctioned by a governing body, that competition is called a tournament. Teams can be comprised of 3 to 10 players each. Rules during such events vary so people should check before entering the tournament.

    For the safety of those who participate in these events, protective gear is required for each player. It consists of a helmet, chest pad, gloves, and knee and elbow pads. The guns used are only allowed to fire a maximum of 300 feet per second.

    Paintball is one game that is gaining ground in the sports world. According to a study done in 2005, it is ranked as the third most popular extreme game in the world. It is considered a safe sport as long as proper equipment is used and people comply with the rules. People who are interested can sign up at the local club and join in the fun.


  • »Strategize the Retreat During a Heated Paintball«

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    Strategize the Retreat During a Heated Paintball

    It hurts when the team realizes that it is time to retreat, but nevertheless there are numerous ways to execute a successful retreat. Here’s how.

    Strategize a plan. The whole team must be ready to go to a safe area if it is necessary to retreat. Find a place that provides enough cover to protect yourself. It would be a good idea to move closer to the assist team members in order to obtain help. The assist units are usually concealed prior to the start of the game so the opposing team will not have any idea where the players are heading.

    Be a team: work together, run together, and fight together. The best protection is always team power. Watching each other’s back can save the whole squad as this helps the team re-engage as soon as they’re back in a safe area.

    Fire back: to free your selves from the enemy, the team must fire in sync and with great intensity to keep the enemy’s heads down. This could buy time for you to make a successful retreat. Three to four seconds of blasting can be good preparation for retreat.

    Move with a plan: to repeat, strategize! Retreating does not necessarily mean rushing to safety. While retreating make certain that the opposing paintball players are given a hard time. The whole squad should take turns in returning fire for cover. In the end it is surprising to see that there were multiple shots fired at the opposing team while retreating. They may be running after the retreating team so is it is easy to shoot at enemy when they are in the open.

    While there is still room for control, end the retreat: not when the whole team can no longer be shot but when there is still a chance to fight the opponent. It will be harder when the enemies cannot to be seen because the damage they could inflict is much worse.

    The catch! There are special occasions when a team retreats just to lure the enemies into a trap. By keeping the paintball team together and drawing back, it might give the opponent the feeling they are already winning and they might be easier to attack. Once the assisting unit is behind you, utilize speed and shoot the enemies. Ah! The winning moment.

    Being fired at during a paintball game is not to be used as a reason to retreat. It could be a good chance to change stations and use the advantage for better cover. It might be good to retreat in order to mess up the enemy’s strategies.


  • »Ten Ways to Master the Art of Playing Paintball«

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    Ten Ways to Master the Art of Playing Paintball

    Since the paintball game was discovered, many enthusiasts have found that this game is a stress reliever and some have even made a career out of it. But funds are usually short for average players and this keeps them from taking their skill to the next level. Mastering paintball can be accomplished in ten ways:

    1. Playing paintball requires vigorous physical activities: running, jumping, crawling, etc. Eating right, brisk walking, running and eliminating vices such as drinking, smoking, and drugs should be attained to get into shape.
    2. Be well informed: books, magazines, and online information are always available for players who want to play or master the game. More of the skills must be learned during the actual playing of the game; but tips and suggestions are important too.
    3. Visual practice. Assess the environment where the game will be played. Paintball is a real world scenario for the player. It may sound silly but try developing your instincts in a supermarket. Visualize the routes of escape, where the other shoppers are and what your next step will be.
    4. Prepare all of the equipment and accessories that are needed prior to the game. Pack the batteries, towels, pads, etc. and save time looking for an item once the game has started.
    5. Wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the paintball game. Look for comfortable camouflaged items that are loose so that movements are easily made. Do not wear clothes that make sounds when moving as this will lead the other shooters to you.
    6. Before the game, if there is time use it to get the feel of the field. By doing this a player can visualize the field itself, especially during daytime. Look for hiding places and the places where you anticipate the opponents might go.
    7. Attitude plays an important role in playing the game. Know your role in the paintball game so you can derive strategies not only for yourself but for the whole team.
    8. Be flexible by changing tactics in every game. Opponents can see the pattern of a player and can be use it against him if he does the same thing every time.
    9. Review past mistakes and try not to make them again. The best tips that a player can get are from his last game.
    10. Upgrade the gadgets: some accessories have inexpensive ways to upgrade. It not only increases your efficiency but also your confidence.

    Mastering the game of paintball will take some time. Be patient, practice and time is more important than expensive equipment. Playing paintball is habit forming.


  • »Make use of paintball squads to win the game«

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    Make use of paintball squads to win the game

    Paintball is a rough sport but it is not always a physical game; more often, it is a mind game. While physical fitness and strength matters, a good strategy will also make or break your game.

    One of the most effective ways of playing paintball is to make use of squads; achieve this by dividing the paintball players into squads. A squad is a group playing to achieve a common objective and preferably made up of not more than six members. It is best if the squad members are disciplined and are quick in their physical movements. If possible, each squad member should be briefed on the team’s specific objective and must be advised how each member can help achieve this goal.

    Each squad member must realize that their movements are important to the team. Slow movement can be an asset when the enemy is near. Learning how to hide is also important to avoid getting hit by paintballs. However, what is more important about learning how to hide is that by doing it, the chances that you will be seen or fired upon by the enemy is diminished. A relative distance of at least five yards between squad members will make it more difficult for the enemy to see you.

    One of the most important traits in playing paintball is patience. Members of the paintball squad must not only use their physical agility to win the game, but more importantly their minds to make use of strategies that will help them win over their opponents. They must also learn to coordinate with each member to avoid being detected by their enemies. The team must be informed that it is best for the squad to fire as a group, making sure that each member is in the right position before firing.

    Squad members should support the other members who are being fired at by firing back; especially when they are in a better and more strategic position to do so.

    The most important thing is that the squad knows that they are playing for the team and that coordination and team work will be a deciding factor in winning the game. Remember, more heads, rather guns that are firing as one, are better – especially in paintball.

    Whatever you do, play as a team and you will certainly have the advantage over your enemies.


  • »Paintball Accessories You Cannot Play Without«

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    Paintball Accessories You Cannot Play Without

    Having the markers, tanks, guns, vests and other equipment complete the excitement when you plan to play paintball. But little do others know that it is the small and simple things that count even before the game begins. Sometimes the little accessories that are locked in a toolbox are all that are needed to complete a paintball game. A toolbox is the first aid kit of the game; if anything goes wrong that is unexpected or unavoidable, there is no reason to fret.

    The gun’s manual: there are instances in the game when the gun has to undergo “intensive surgery”. Guns differ from each other regardless of the physical similarities of some. If that time comes when it needs to be disassembled, the manual can make it easier to put it all back together. Try to find manuals with problem solving ideas, they really help.

    Reserve batteries: some guns require batteries to function. It would be such a waste of time if in the middle of the game the batteries died and you could not continue to play so keep new batteries available.

    Allen wrench to the rescue: some players have either inherited their guns from their friends or bought second-hand guns. If you did not get a set of Allen wrenches when you bought the gun buy a set from a hardware store and be sure to keep them handy.

    Oil ole’! Make sure that there is a small can of oil for the paintball gun inside the box as well. Sometimes weather dictates if the gun needs oiling; be sure to get the specific oil type recommended by the manual for the gun.

    Mask lens as spare: when worse comes to worst, mask lens’ will either become blurry or scratched. Don’t hesitate to replace them if your vision is impaired as this really affects how the game is played.

    Squeegee anyone? Carrying one on the field is enough during a game, so why not bring a replacement if anything goes wrong? It saves time for playing rather than looking for a squeegee.

    Cupseals and reserved O-rings: some players do not know that O-rings and cup seals can be damaged easily and this will hurt the paintball gun big time so it is a must to replace the cupseal before this happens.

    And for the player, always have a neck guard around to save the neck from those disturbing shots that hit your neck. There may be a team available to do first aid when something goes wrong but it would make sense to carry a personal first aid kit. Carry around spare basic safety “gadgets” like a mask, gloves, and pads and have a worry free paintball game.


  • »Finding a New Way to Workout Try Paintball«

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    Finding a New Way to Workout Try Paintball

    There are a growing number of paintball players in the America alone; the number has increased to more than 10 million according to a recent survey taken by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association in 2005. The National Xball League was developed in 2003 and many people became interested. The interest spread to other countries when the NXL celebrity games were televised.

    Doctors began noticing the game too and started studying its effects on a person’s health. Dr. Brian Jacobs, a sports medicine expert from South Bend, Indiana commented in an interview that paintball is a source of cardiovascular exercise and is really good for the heart. He tried to play the game twice and observe how injuries were acquired and the trauma it could cause to a paintball player. Codes were developed to categorize the injuries caused by the paintball game such as: E922.5 which is an accidental injury caused by a paintball gun; E985.7, a paintball gun injury which was inflicted on purpose or by accident; and E955.7, is a self-inflicted paintball gun injury.

    Regardless of the previous observations, the paintball game provides aerobic benefits and creates a workout option for people who are not always physically active. Some doctors advise patients to try the basics of the game because of its health effects.

    According to the American College of Sports Medicine rules, the paintball game provides substantial benefits to the body. This observation was based on a study that was conducted by Tara Kammel, a fitness expert from Maplewood, Minnesota, who attached heart monitors to fifteen paintball players. During the paintball game, players reached the maximum level of adrenaline as the heart rate surged up to 69 – 74 per cent and a CO2max level of 57 to 65 per cent.

    It might at times be dangerous to play paintball, but if the players follow their physicians’ advice then everyone can enjoy the game.

    Play the game where there are safety rules to follow and first aid is available.
    Do not play without protective gear for the eyes and neck. Wear loose fitting clothes for flexibility. Get in shape with exercise and eat a balanced diet when preparing to play the game.

    If the game is played for sport, it is a sure way of keeping physically active. It does not only contribute to the physical well being but to a player’s emotional and intellectual abilities as well. One recent finding by American researchers says that paintball decreased violence since it is a way to release tension. Hey workaholics! There’s a new sport in town.


  • »Paintball defense system is a good strategy to win the game«

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    Paintball defense system is a good strategy to win the game

    A team may apply various defensive strategies during the course of a paintball game. When it comes to the game of paintball, members of the team must be oriented with good defensive tactics to protect themselves from being hit as well as protecting their flags from the opponent’s aggressive attacks.

    Although there could be some instances when the team is more cautious in protecting their flag and becomes more tentative to attacking aggressively may become a problem if the other team advances nearer to the base. A good defensive stand may just be enough to save them from losing the game. Here are some strategic defense systems that a team may apply to win a paintball game.

    1. It is important for a person to cover himself safely from attackers firing paintballs from every direction. It is important that a person be good in concealing himself from possible close range attackers.

    2. Look for concealment first, before finding a safe place where a person can hide. The best attack to execute is by catching the opponent by surprise. The attacker may think that he is firing on anything that he thinks would be a threat to his possible elimination.

    3. As a team, the leader should assign each member a different position. They must not be grouped in the same position as that cause multiple elimination since the members could be attacked in a single round of fire without any effort from the opponents: that would be an easy way for them to win the game.

    4. He must exert an effort to act as a back up for his other teammates. They must be within sight all the times so that they may ask for a counter attack if they are surprised with a firefight.

    5. He should know how to control his firepower. Concentrate on a specific target so that no effort is wasted. It is not advisable to be firing at a sure target unless a teammate asks for a cover from his launches.

    When it comes to this sport, a good offensive attack is supported by a strong defensive tactic. When a person aims and hits a target, it actually means that he is playing with good defense because he is aware of the positioning and movements of his opponents. When he hits and eliminates a target that will advance him to the next flank for more possible targets. This is one good method for the team to win the game with a good defense system and a strategic offensive attack.


  • »Tips on How to Play the Paintball Sport«

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    Tips on How to Play the Paintball Sport

    Playing paintball is so much fun. The main goal of the game is to capture the opponent’s flag and make them surrender by aggressively attacking their defenses. What excites many people is the fast pace and action-packed scenery that a person will experience.
    Most paintball games are played in a place where players can move freely. Outdoor venues like fields or improvised camps provide complete facilities for everyone who wants to experience this sport. There are also indoor venues that are available during various seasons when people are unable to go outside because of the cold weather or rainy seasons.

    A person is provided with a paintball gun that is primarily air pressured. The group is generally composed of ten or more persons divided into two teams. Each team must have an equal number of persons and they will battle like two opposing armed groups on a battlefield.

    Each group will be provided colored armbands to mark each member so that their teammates are and opponents are not confused. The main goal is to reach the opponents’ flag and hit every opponent – when doing so – using their paintball guns. The team that captures the flag will bring it to their base to ensure they have won the game.

    A person will know that he is eliminated when he is hit by the paintball. It is determined by the splat of a paintball that will break and mark the gear. A referee will determine if he may continue or to be eliminated from the game. The paintballs are about the size of marbles; but they are spherical in shape with hard shell layers that enables the paintball to go a long distance and speed up the launch when fired at the target.

    Paintball guns appear similar to a real gun but it has a barrel container that stores and launch the paintball. It has a trigger that will activate the release and a reservoir that will store more paintballs. The propulsion is powered by pressurized gas.

    The execution will depend on the style the player thinks will be effective for defense.

    The thrill and excitement is what really makes people love this sport. Others consider it an activity that can be enjoyed with their friends and families. It will give a person a worthwhile experience with the adventure-like setting and the excitement of the game.


  • »What Gears are needed in Paintball?«

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    What Gears are needed in Paintball?

    In paintball games the safety of the player is the primary concern. Nobody would like to be injured or hurt in this fast-paced and action-packed sport. Execution and the use of air-pressured guns can be dangerous if a person is not properly protected with clothing and other safety gear. Here is a list of safety gear and equipment a person must have before he plays the sport.

    1. The paintball mask is essential equipment for face protection. A person may not be allowed to play if he does not wear the protective mask.

    2. A person must also have eye protection. He may choose to invest in a set of goggles to prevent any splat of paint from getting in his eyes.

    3. A person must have a paintball gun for his weapon to eliminate an opponent. When he hits a specific target he is able to terminate any possible threats for the win.

    4. A paintball is needed as is used as the bullet fired by the air-pressurized gun. It is important to launch (or fire) when he is sure of a target. It is important not to waste any paintball by being an aggressive attacker unless the other members of his team ask for cover and back up.

    5. The barrel is for the storage of the paintballs. It also guides the paintball directly at the target – if aimed properly. He may find various accessories that he can attach to the main body of the weapon.

    6. Brass barrels are the best buy one can get. They are less expensive and create less friction allowing the paintballs to launch in a straight path with great speed.

    7. The air tank is essential to activate any launch. It can be attached to the gun or hang horizontally on the back of the players. It is advisable to position the tank above the gun so that the liquid CO2 will raise the pressure up and out of the gun.

    8. Other accessories like the remote, belt pack, and a gun-sight are optional gear you may want to invest in. These accessories are useful in any paintball game because they give extra help to the user in planning the strategy and attacks the player wishes to use.

    It is important that a person is well equipped and fully protected when he plays paintball. He must consider the clothing and safety gear necessary for his safety. Have fun and experience the excitement paintball sport can offer.


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