Make Your Wii a Complete Gaming System 

Make your Nintendo Wii a Complete Gaming System

All of these Nintendo Wii accessories add up to form an impressive array of gaming and entertainment capabilities, but without a component video adapter the picture quality of the Wii might fail to reach its potential, especially if you have a High Definition television. With the adapter in place you will enjoy a crystal clear picture which will enhance your Wii – and your Nintendo Wii accessories – so much more. And one more thing: invest in some rechargeable batteries in order to keep those wireless remote controls at peak performance!

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Nintendo Wii U | Make Your Wii a Complete Gaming System

In order to take advantage of the game downloading abilities, as well as other aspects of the Wii system’s menu functions, you need access to the Internet. That makes the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector one of the most important Nintendo Wii accessories. With wireless Internet access in place, you can use your Wii to play games, surf the Web, and coming soon: head to head virtual play!

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Make Your Wii a Complete Gaming System | Nintendo Wii U

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