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    »Our Top Ranking Keywords«

  • Toronto SEO Keywords 1:58 AM on December 31, 2012 Permalink |
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    Our Top Ranking Keywords

    humcclfp retail
    playbook 2.1 problems
    honeywell dehumidifier DR120 catalogue
    carrier zonecc3zac01 pricing
    otg cable toronto
    otg cable with playbook
    otg cable playbook
    se http:// www. fujitsu-general(…)wall-types/asyg-14-lec.html
    playbook otg cable
    tony toronto ontario heat
    arrow red down
    pool decks for above ground pools toronto
    seo toronto dec 2012 keywords health
    fujitsu aoy30lm
    on Advantages of Email
    carrier Models: TCSNHP, TCSNAC
    how use otg cable on bb os 2.1

    Our Top Ranking Keywords – Living Document

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  • »Content Keywords Plus Keyword Significance«

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    Tags: Content Keywords, , , Keyword Significance, Plus, , , Significance, , , , , variants   

    Content Keywords Plus Keyword Significance

    Content Keywords
    Keyword Significance
    1. seo
    2. toronto (2 variants)
    3. keywords (2 variants)
    4. racing (4 variants)
    5. fishing (5 variants)
    6. auto
    7. lease (2 variants)
    8. motorcycle (3 variants)
    9. air
    10. torontoseo
    11. pool (2 variants)
    12. sports (4 variants)
    13. residential
    14. products (2 variants)
    15. horse (3 variants)
    16. type (2 variants)
    17. arts (2 variants)
    18. golf (2 variants)
    19. black
    20. hiking (2 variants)
    21. car (3 variants)
    22. history
    23. alarm (3 variants)
    24. supercross
    25. system (3 variants)
    26. university (2 variants)
    27. hunting (4 variants)
    28. york
    29. schools (2 variants)
    30. heat (2 variants)
    31. december
    32. september
    33. accessories (2 variants)
    34. formula
    35. drifting (3 variants)
    36. martial
    37. ball (2 variants)
    38. wall
    39. promo (2 variants)
    40. camping (2 variants)
    41. pump (2 variants)
    42. burglar (3 variants)
    43. cat (3 variants)
    44. swimming (2 variants)
    45. wine (2 variants)
    46. projects (2 variants)
    47. search
    48. bath
    49. january
    50. april
    51. gas
    52. carrier
    53. march
    54. learning (3 variants)
    55. safety (3 variants)
    56. aspx
    57. asyg
    58. november
    59. control (2 variants)
    60. conditioners (2 variants)
    61. fujitsu
    62. game (4 variants)
    63. unit (2 variants)
    64. shot (2 variants)
    65. packaged
    66. water (2 variants)
    67. business (2 variants)
    68. digital (2 variants)
    69. february
    70. volley (3 variants)
    71. october
    72. people
    73. nashville
    74. number
    75. post (2 variants)
    76. lures (2 variants)
    77. series
    78. code (2 variants)
    79. coin (2 variants)
    80. state (3 variants)
    81. indoor (2 variants)
    82. track (3 variants)
    83. affinity
    84. tennis
    85. tips (2 variants)
    86. course (2 variants)
    87. log (2 variants)
    88. events (2 variants)
    89. health (2 variants)
    90. play (5 variants)
    91. marketing (2 variants)
    92. court
    93. player (2 variants)
    94. racquet
    95. save (2 variants)
    96. comfort
    97. betting (3 variants)
    98. hunters (3 variants)
    99. july
    100. rental (2 variants)
    101. bag (2 variants)
    102. win (3 variants)
    103. snowmobile (5 variants)
    104. gear
    105. checklist (2 variants)
    106. furnace (2 variants)
    107. photography (6 variants)
    108. stores (2 variants)
    109. stroke (3 variants)
    110. able
    111. clubs (2 variants)
    112. helicopters (2 variants)
    113. rod (2 variants)
    114. thai
    115. bait (2 variants)
    116. wireless
    117. equipment (3 variants)
    118. professional (3 variants)
    119. decorating (3 variants)
    120. world
    121. children (2 variants)
    122. model (2 variants)
    123. money (2 variants)
    124. aikido
    125. bike (2 variants)
    126. collecting (4 variants)
    127. google
    128. monitoring (3 variants)
    129. style (2 variants)
    130. supplies (2 variants)
    131. catch (2 variants)
    132. child (2 variants)
    133. position (2 variants)
    134. paintball
    135. financial (2 variants)
    136. adventure (2 variants)
    137. duck (2 variants)
    138. security
    139. bear (3 variants)
    140. man (2 variants)
    141. tags (2 variants)
    142. whisperer (2 variants)
    143. college
    144. dating
    145. drink (3 variants)
    146. family (2 variants)
    147. opponent (3 variants)
    148. sensors (2 variants)
    149. accounting (2 variants)
    150. animals (2 variants)
    151. labels (2 variants)
    152. ride (3 variants)
    153. engine (2 variants)
    154. interior
    155. max
    156. rent (2 variants)
    157. activity (2 variants)
    158. gun (3 variants)
    159. remote
    160. vacation (2 variants)
    161. watch (3 variants)
    162. bottle (3 variants)
    163. canada
    164. riders (2 variants)
    165. drive (3 variants)
    166. match (2 variants)
    167. muay
    168. technology (2 variants)
    169. beer (2 variants)
    170. cost (2 variants)
    171. park (2 variants)
    172. pets (3 variants)
    173. phone (2 variants)
    174. team (2 variants)
    175. cart (2 variants)
    176. champagne
    177. mobile
    178. trail (3 variants)
    179. golfers (3 variants)
    180. carmichael (2 variants)
    181. casting (3 variants)
    182. chance (2 variants)
    183. ground
    184. ice
    185. gift (2 variants)
    186. hostnames (2 variants)
    187. koi
    188. permalink
    189. ricky
    190. swing (3 variants)
    191. weight
    192. bring (2 variants)
    193. german (2 variants)
    194. swim (2 variants)
    195. chop (4 variants)
    196. design (3 variants)
    197. software
    198. torontoseokeywords
    199. dance (2 variants)
    200. mcgrath

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  • »Top SEO Keywords in Toronto During December 2012«

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    Tags: avesta, ellinadiko, , , seo optimization, , seo techniques, , , , , , , tutorial   

    Top SEO Keywords in Toronto During December 2012

    1. toronto seo 
    2. seo packages 
    3. seo agency 
    4. seo marketing 
    5. seo 
    6. seo services toronto 
    7. ellinadiko 
    8. seo jobs toronto
    9. a5 seo 
    10. seo olimpus 
    11. whitelable outsourcing 
    12. <strong> <b> seo 
    13. seo optimization css 
    14. seo toronto 
    15. seo strong vs bold 
    16. “seo toronto” 
    17. sandbox in seo 
    18. avesta
    19. seo agency 
    20. whitelable 
    21. seo optimization 
    22. outsourcing 
    23. seo toronto
    24. seo tutorial
    25. seo tools
    26. seo techniques
    27. seo basics
    28. learn seo
    29. seo jobs
    30. seo tips
    31. seo services

    There you have it, … the Top SEO Keywords in Toronto During December 2012, according to Google!


  • »Introducing our other SEO Projects«

  • Toronto SEO Keywords 5:06 PM on November 5, 2012 Permalink |
    Tags: , Black Friday History, Black History, Black History Art, Black History Facts, Black History For Kids, Black History Freedom, Black History Month, Black History People, Black History Poems, Black History Representational Space, Black History Research Project, Black History SEO, Black History Space, Black History Time Travel, Black History Timeline, Black History Wikipedia, Black Inventors, Black People, Black SEO History, Black USA History, Historical, Introducing Our Other SEO Projects, Inventors, , , My Digital Project, , , Our Black History, Our Black History Research Project, Our Digital Projects, Partners of Toronto SEO Keywords, Research Projects, , SEO Black History, , , , , , White History   

    Introducing our other SEO Projects & Partners of The Toronto SEO Keywords Sites, starting with #1.) Our Black History Research Project:

    Currently, the Black History Research Project located at is focusing on the US Historical USA Black History; nonetheless, we encourage you to find history, historical documents, and heritage about Black Canadians in Toronto at The City of Toronto Archives.

    Labels: Black History, My Digital Projects,Black History, My Digital Project,Our Black History, Our Digital Projects, Black History Month, Black History Timeline, Black History People, Black History Facts, Black History Wikipedia, Black Inventors, Black History For Kids, Black History Freedom, Black History Poems, Black USA History, Black History Art, Black History Representational Space, Black History SEO, Black Friday History, SEO Black History, Black SEO History, White History, Black History Time Travel, Black History Space, Introducing Our Partners Other SEO Projects,Introducing Our Other SEO Projects


  • »Parallelize Downloads Across HostNames«

  • Toronto SEO Keywords 7:56 PM on November 3, 2012 Permalink |
    Tags: Combine, , CSS, DNS lookup, Downloads, , Google Developers, Host, , Hostnames, HostNames Parallelize, Minimize, Minimize Round-Trip Times, Parallelize, Parallelize Downloads, Parallelize Downloads across Host Names, Parallelize Downloads Across Hostnames, RoundTrip Times, RTT, , , ,   

    Parallelize Downloads Across HostNames 

    Parallelize Downloads across HostNames

    Minimize round-trip times – Google Developers

    • Minimize DNS lookups
    • Minimize redirects
    • Avoid bad requests
    • Combine external JavaScript
    • Combine external CSS
    • Combine images using CSS sprites
    • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
    • Avoid document.write
    • Avoid CSS @import
    • Prefer asynchronous resources
    • Parallelize downloads across hostnames

    Learn more about Parallelize Downloads Across Host Names, Parallelizing Downloads Across Host Names:

    Round-trip time (RTT) is the time it takes for a client to send a request and the server to send a response over the network, not including the time required for data transfer. That is, it includes the back-and-forth time on the wire, but excludes the time to fully download the transferred bytes (and is therefore unrelated to bandwidth). For example, for a browser to initiate a first-time connection with a web server, it must incur a minimum of 3 RTTs: 1 RTT for DNS name resolution; 1 RTT for TCP connection setup; and 1 RTT for the HTTP request and first byte of the HTTP response. Many web pages require dozens of RTTs.


    Use URL paths instead of hostnames wherever possible.
    If you host multiple properties on the same domain, assign those properties to URL paths rather than separate hostnames. For example, instead of hosting your developer site on, host it on Unless there are good technical reasons to use different hostnames, e.g. to implement DNS-based traffic load-balancing policies, there’s no advantage in using a hostname over a URL path to encode a product name. In fact, the latency improvements of consolidating properties on a single hostname can actually enhance user experience: users can link between properties in a single browsing session with no additional DNS lookup penalty. In addition, reusing domains allows the browser to reuse TCP connections more frequently, further reducing the number of round trip times. If one property receives a lot of traffic, reusing that hostname for other properties can also increase the DNS cache hit rate for first-time visits, since the likelihood of a valid mapping already existing on a local caching server is higher.

    Serve early-loaded JavaScript files from the same hostname as the main document.
    It’s especially important to minimize lookups in the “critical path”. We define the critical path as the code and resources required to render the initial view of a web page. In particular, external JavaScript files that you own and that are loaded from the document head, or early in the document body, should be served from the same host as the main document. Most browsers block other downloads and rendering while JavaScript files are being downloaded, parsed and executed. Adding DNS lookup time to this process further delays page load time. If it’s not possible to serve those files from the same hostname as the containing document, defer loading them, if possible. The exception is for JS files that are shared by pages served off multiple domains: in this case, serving the file from a unique URL to increase the cache hit rate may outweigh the DNS lookup overhead.


  • »Dance Dance Revolution«

  • TorontoSEO 11:11 AM on January 6, 2011 Permalink |
    Tags: , , Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova, , , , , , , , ,   

    Dance Dance Revolution

    Those who aren’t big fans of gaming systems may not realize that Dance Revolution is actually a video game for the Playstation 2 gaming system that actually has taken the industry by storm. It was one of, if not the very first attempts of the gaming industry to combat the idea that playing games robbed children of the physical activity that is so important to their overall health and well being.

    The solution was to introduce a game in which the players were scored based on their ability to dance according to the directions of the game. If you haven’t tried this game, let me be the first to tell you that it requires some fancy footwork and more than some degree of tunnel vision. The really cool thing about this game is that you can adjust the level of difficulty and combine games with friends who have the same game for a competition. Competition with yourself is all well and good but the idea of crushing your friends with your dance talents is even better.

    This is a game that happens to be crossing generational barriers however and making quite a splash in doing so. Mothers and fathers are competing against sons and daughters and the wagers are quite fantastic. I know I’ve been known to win a week or two off from washing dishes as the result of a rousing round of friendly competition. The irony is that I’m not really that good at the game. It is a great deal of fun though and I feel less guilty about letting the kids play this game for an hour than I do about allowing them to play some “all your base are belong to us” sort of game for an hour.

    The wide popularity of the game should be completely obvious in all the ‘knock off’ versions of this game that have already flooded the market. I do expect to see more games along this line in the near future particularly with the new Nintendo Wii system making waves for the physical nature of many of their games. The hope is definitely that the Playstation Dance Dance Revolution. We have already seen follow up with Dance Dance Revolution 2, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, and Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova. I can only predict that Playstation will attempt to bring this successful line to the ailing Playstation 3 in the near future.

    As far as the workout reality of this game goes you will find that it offers an excellent aerobic workout and great exercises for your legs. The arms are really up to you to a large degree. If you chose to approach in a river dance sort of method your arms are likely to receive quite the excellent degree of a workout that your legs will receive. However if you put everything into your dance moves then the revolution will be all the calories you burn as well as the strengthening and toning you manage as a side benefit.

    While very few of us consider video games to be a great source of health or fitness, this game may be the one exception to the rule. Who would have ever thought you could get all of these things and so much more from playing a video game. Next thing you know they’ll come out with Mountain Dew that is a health drink.


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