Specify Your Business Types

In this new plugin i found today: the screenshot area you can see what the plugin tells Google about your business website such as

Business Name
Physical Address
Hours of you are open
Business contact information

Specify your business type

Animal Shelter
Accounting Service
Adult Entertainment
Amusement Park
Art Gallery
Auto Body Shop
Auto Dealer
Automated Teller
Automotive Business
Auto Parts Store
Auto Rental
Auto Repair
Auto Wash
Bank Or Credit Union
Bar Or Pub
Beauty Salon
Bed And Breakfast
Bike Store
Book Store
Bowling Alley
Cafe Or CoffeeShop
Child Care
Clothing Store
Comedy Club
Computer Store
Convenience Store
Day Spa
Department Store
Diagnostic Lab
Dry Cleaning Or Laundry
Electronics Store
Employment Agency
Entertainment Business
Exercise Gym
Fast Food Restaurant
Financial Service
Fire Station
Food Establishment
Furniture Store
Garden Store
Gas Station
General Contractor
Golf Course
Government Office
Grocery Store
Hair Salon
Hardware Store
Health Club
Health And Beauty Business
Home Goods Store
Home And Construction Business
House Painter
HVAC Business
Ice Cream Shop
Internet Cafe
Insurance Agency
Liquor Store
Lodging Business
Medical Clinic
Medical Organization
Mens Clothing Store
Mobile Phone Store
Motorcycle Dealer
Motorcycle Repair
Movie Rental Store
Movie Theater
Moving Company
Music Store
Nail Salon
Night Club
Office Equipment Store
Outlet Store
Pawn Shop
Pet Store
Police Station
Post Office
Professional Service
Public Swimming Pool
Radio Station
Real Estate Agent
Recycling Center
Roofing Contractor
Self Storage
Shoe Store
Shopping Center
Ski Resort
Sports Activity Location
Sporting Goods Store
Sports Club
Stadium Or Arena
Tattoo Parlor
Television Station
Tennis Complex
Tire Shop
Toy Store
Tourist Information Center
Travel Agency
Veterinary Care
Wholesale Store

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